If you like adrenaline, the feeling of speed and the sound of a powerful engine, sport bikes are for you.

The custom motorbike model is one hundred per cent free; you can completely customize your motorbike to obtain a unique work of art.

This is a very comfortable motorbike model, ideal for daily errands or long trips.

A must-have for cross-country racers, this model is the perfect partner for those who want an off-road bike.

BMW R1200GS Adventure
The BMW R1200 GS Adventure has charmed bikers with its unique and very virile design and its versatility of use. With its 107 horsepower, it will accompany you on your journeys in the city, on the motorway or on the country roads.
Yamaha MT-09
This bike belongs to the midsize roadster category, and its popularity has made it the reference roadster in Europe. It benefits from an original geometry and can be ridden in an upright position. The Yamaha MT-09 is a fairly sporty model with 115 horsepower, so enthusiasts should be aware of this.
Kawasaki Z900RS
With a speed of up to 240 km/h and 111 horsepower, the Kawasaki Z900RS is a great promise. And what about its finish? The clean, sleek and sparkling lines have made many riders choose this bike.
Triumph Street Triple
This roadster has conquered the motorbike market thanks to its power, with its engine delivering up to 123 horsepower. It is a model that is very closely linked to racing, as it was made by a team in charge of Moto2 competition.

The head is the most delicate part of the body, so think about a BMW motocross helmet with original colours, a light, well-ventilated, solid motorbike helmet that fits you.

Get a cross-country racing mask, choose a screen according to the lighting and a ventilated frame with a good thickness of foam.

Choose fabrics that are comfortable to the touch for your outfit, avoid those which are too tight or too loose and don’t forget body protection and gloves.

For comfortable cross-country boots, you should choose softness and waterproofness. In addition, protective shells should cover sensitive areas, such as the ankle.

There are a number of rules that must be observed to ensure the safety of motorcyclists, including the driving licence, motorbike insurance and motorbike safety training courses.

To improve your riding skills, a motorbike rider can go to a circuit for a riding course. Depending on your objectives, you can go to a circuit to perfect your riding or prepare for a competition.

You can also take advantage of circuit riding to experience the joy of high speed, safely and legally.

Throughout France, there are many circuits available, spread across each region. Some departments even have several circuits.

Take the time to check the oil level daily and remember to check the chain tension and grease it from time to time, for your safety.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it should always be done cold, to avoid weakening the mechanics of the motorbike.

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