The two-wheeled sport, unlike others such as tennis, basketball, rugby or football, is not an easy path. There are steps to follow and specific equipment to obtain in order to practice adequately.

 Essential tips for getting started

 Motorbike racing is an expensive sport, almost everything is tailor-made depending on your size, your level, as well as what exactly you want to do. This inspiration often comes from watching a race whether live or on TV due to the feeling of fun and enjoyment it can give you at first. It is important to know that all those dreamy motorbike racing champions who go two hundred kilometres an hour on a track would not have been so successful without a strong team behind them and, above all, a lot of hard work on their part. To get a good start in this sport, you need to be well surrounded and well advised.  There are many professionals you can ask for help and they can advise you on which racing motorbike to choose.

 Choosing a motorbike to start with

Once you have your licence, the next step is to choose your first motorbike. Before you start racing motorbikes, it is important to practice a little and get familiar with a motorbike that is easy to ride, understand how it works, and practice as much as possible to get comfortable with it. The best motorbike to start with is necessarily a road bike, easy to handle, it's a motorbike designed for a long trip. The first concern when riding a motorbike is comfort, so there's no need at the beginning to insist on a powerful motorbike with an explosive engine and a weight that is difficult to handle. If you're going on a road trip, you'll probably be taking a passenger and luggage with you, so that's another good reason to choose a comfortable, easy-to-handle motorbike that's not too big. The aim is to find a pleasant feeling while riding; it must remain fun to ride. Pay attention to the fuel consumption of your new machine, as those who ride a lot know. You may not find a bike that meets all these criteria. However, there are countless markets and brands that are constantly evolving and innovating to please both the novice and experienced rider. Don't worry, you're bound to find something you like.

Get the right equipment

Participating in a motorbike race is not for anyone, it is a world of professionals, who have undergone drastic training and education. Motorbike racing is a dangerous sport that can kill you in the blink of an eye if you are not well prepared and well equipped to participate. A valuable piece of advice is to choose equipment that gives you maximum comfort, so that your attention is always on your riding, but not on the discomfort of boots that are too tight or gloves that are too big.  You should not try to save money on equipment. Indeed, having approved equipment which are homologated by the federation will always benefit you.  Don't hesitate to buy several types of equipment adapted to the different seasons, you need to be equipped to protect yourself from the cold, as well as the rain and the heat. The choice of helmet is an important step, it is a kind of guarantee for your safety. It is compulsory to wear a helmet even when you are riding to go to the local baker. Choosing a helmet is never easy, as there are many different styles to choose from, however, opt for a helmet that is approved by the European standards.

Join a club

If you still dream of racing a motorbike, you need a racing motorbike and a licence. To get a licence, you must first join a club and become a member. You will then have to undergo a training course which consists of an assessment of your base and your ability as a rider. If you pass these tests, you will receive a novice licence which allows you to participate in competitions.  You will still be limited to 600cc machines. You can move up to the intermediate novice level provided you complete at least one of ten races on different circuits. Each time you move up, the club you have joined will take care of updates on your status and the competitions they are organising. There are training courses and steps to follow as in all professional sports, this should not discourage you, train as often as possible, this is the secret of success.