Safety should be a priority for all road users. For motorcyclists, a motorbike helmet is mandatory in everyday life. The same is true during two-wheeled competitions. This equipment protects both the rider and the passenger against violent shocks to the head in the event of a road accident. Follow this guide to easily find a durable and comfortable motorbike helmet.

Select the type of helmet

There are a few types of helmets for motorcyclists. All of them will protect your skull perfectly. However, it is important to find the model that suits your comfort and your ride. During the summer months, distributors of safety equipment for two-wheelers have an exceptional sale on the jet helmet. This is the lightest model. Best of all, it provides natural ventilation while covering your face. For more versatile protection, try the modular helmet. It offers two configurations. In addition, the user benefits from a chin strap. If you often ride on back roads outside of cities, a full-face helmet may be of interest. It completely covers your face while providing good ventilation.

Get the right size

Find yourself a Shoei Helmet that fits. Simply measure your head with a tape measure. Then refer to the size guide provided by the helmet retailer. Sizes generally range from S to XL for those with a head circumference of 44 to 62 cm. However, it is also possible to find very small models, from XXXXS to XS, and prototypes for larger people, from 2XL to 3XL. If you have any hesitation, make your purchase directly from a motorbike equipment shop. Alternatively, order your item from an online sales platform that accepts returns and exchanges of helmets in the event of a size defect. It is good to know that a helmet is always bought in new condition. In fact, the foam inside the helmet will mould itself to the shape of your head. It is therefore impossible to lend a helmet to a third party or to buy a second-hand model.

Think about the comfort and safety of the equipment

The motorbike helmet will remain on your head throughout each of your trips on your motorcycle. Before you place your order, make sure that the model you are interested in will make you feel comfortable. Avoid a helmet that is too heavy, as it may tire you out in a few minutes. The estimated weight of the lightest models is 1100g. The heaviest equipment weighs close to 2,000 g. Don't forget to check the sound protectors on the helmet. Say goodbye to wind noise with a helmet that has a windscreen and a chin guard. Choose high-quality models, such as the Shoei Motorbike Helmet collection. To find out how safe you are, ask about the materials of your equipment. If you are preparing for a race, consider buying a carbon fibre helmet. This material guarantees good impact resistance. Composite and glass fibre shells are also an ideal option. They promise greater comfort, while protecting your head in the event of a violent impact.