The BMW Motorcycle Pants are an essential piece of equipment for any motorbike rider. Indeed, they guarantee his safety and give him a good sense of riding. But for the pants to fulfil their role, they must be chosen carefully. To do this, various criteria must be taken into account when purchasing them.


As we know very well, the BMW Motorcycle Pants must have features as well as basic protections that ensure our safety. Their main areas of protection are concentrated in the knees and hips. These are the parts of the body that are most likely to be affected in the event of a fall. With these pants, you can avoid up to 80% of injuries. This is because a slippery fall will tear any type of clothing that does not have considerable resistance to asphalt abrasion. If you don't make sure that the pants protect this point with guarantees, it will be your skin that will bear the brunt of the asphalt. And you know very well that this is very painful. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to buy motorbike pants that meet the required safety standards. You can find a range of motorbike pants on BMW Motorrad Pants expert team specialist websites.


All motorbike pants marketed in the European Union states must be approved. This certifies that the garment has undergone a series of tests for resistance to impacts, falls, abrasion and any other causes of tearing. For mechanical tests, look for resistance to abrasion, tearing, impact cuts, seam allowance and impact cost absorption. For chemical testing, look for dye fastness and pH of the leather. And for the comfort test, emphasise fit and ergonomics, garment tightness and impact protection. So, make sure you choose a product that guarantees your safety to the maximum. Don't hesitate to check the label of the motorbike pants you are interested in.

The price

In specialist shops you will find a wide range of BMW Motorcycle Pants. You can get one at a decent price, and with all the protection required. However, don't be lured by low prices or copies offered on some online retailers. Even though these products are almost identical to the originals, they do not have the same protective components.