The motorbike jacket has become a real fashion accessory and has gone beyond its basic purpose of protection. Thus, major manufacturers, but also constructors, have started to produce this accessory by creating a whole line of products such as BMW Motorcycle Jacket. But then, what are the essential protections for a jacket? The answer right away.

Protection for everyone

When riding a motorbike, we are all exposed to the risk of an accident, whether as a rider or a passenger. As a result, wearing protective equipment has become essential and even compulsory in some countries. Jacket manufacturers are therefore making their products available for both men and women, as BMW is doing in its BMW Motorcycle jackets for women and men campaign. BMW Motorcycle Jacket offers practical and comfortable products suitable for all types of customers. To protect you against falls and slips, a good jacket should be reinforced in the most exposed areas such as the elbows, back, neck and shoulders, and should be able to absorb shocks.  A good jacket should also offer protection against wind and rain. Waterproofing is an important consideration when buying a motorbike jacket.

Stylish protection

There are several types of motorbike jackets. For example, there are 'urban', 'road' and 'sport' jackets. Brands are engaging in styling exercises by offering trendy jackets that are both practical and comfortable. Playing with materials and colours, they offer a variety of styles for everyday use. Apart from traditional leather, the materials used today are easy to put on thanks to their flexibility, water resistance, insulation performance that provides protection against the cold, and also ventilation for air circulation.

High-tech protection

Thanks to the evolution of technology, you can find jackets on the market that are increasingly efficient in terms of protection. They are equipped with small gadgets and connecting objects of all kinds. BMW Motorcycle Jacket, for example, is developing the "BMW Airbag Street Air" system, which is able to detect collisions in a fraction of a second and inflate integrated air pockets thanks to sensors, offering optimal protection from neck to hip.