Motorbike gloves are one of the mandatory safety accessories for motorcyclists. Faced with different models on the market, it is not easy to choose a pair of motorbike gloves that are suited to your needs. Many criteria must be taken into account to avoid making a mistake.

What types of gloves are right for you?

You will see different types of motorbike gloves on the market. Firstly, there are the racing motorbike gloves designed for on-track motorbike racing. These offer high protection and abrasion resistance. If you are planning to go on a long ride or a long-distance trip on your motorbike, opt for touring motorbike gloves. These usually have foam protectors which will give you more comfort and they are fairly abrasion resistant. There are also urban motorbike gloves. These are very elaborate in terms of aesthetics and are designed for use in urban environments. Furthermore, you can find off-road motorbike gloves. They are very high performant and they can withstand extreme conditions perfectly. BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Gloves offers a wide range of motorbike gloves for every purpose.

Choosing the right size of motorbike gloves

When buying, be careful to choose motorbike gloves that are neither too tight nor too loose. Tight gloves are uncomfortable and do not allow optimal blood flow. Gloves that are too large should also be avoided as these can lead to accidents. To make sure you choose the right size, check that your fingers do not touch the tips of the gloves, there should be a margin of a few millimetres of space. If not, it is better to try a slightly larger size. BMW Motorcycle gloves are available in different sizes.

Other selection criteria to consider

The material the glove is made of is one of the most important criteria to consider when buying motorcycle gloves. There are leather and textile models on the market. Leather motorbike gloves are suitable for urban riding or racing. Textile gloves, on the other hand, are popular for touring. In addition to the material, the choice of motorbike gloves should also be made according to the season. The BMW Motorcycle gloves shop offers motorbike gloves for winter and other models for summer. Each of these motorbike gloves can be adapted to the climate of the season they are designed for in order to provide maximum comfort.  Finally, you should also define your budget beforehand. The price of motorbike gloves varies according to the model.