Locking devices and secured garages are no barriers to thieves to steal motorbikes. An increasingly popular solution is to fit a GPS tracker to your motorbike. Also known as a GPS tag or GPS plotter; it allows a motorbike to be geographically located after it has been stolen. Before purchasing one, you should be aware that the price of a motorbike GPS tracker consists of two parts: the subscription and the SIM card case. 

Motorbike GPS tracker: why use it?

You can protect your motorbike from theft only with a GPS tracker. Although it does not prevent theft, the transmitter immediately detects the motorbike. You can then easily work with the police to find it. When you know that the price of a motorbike is approaching the price of a small car, you can see why you should be concerned. The price of a motorbike GPS tracker is worth the security it provides.

The motorbike GPS tracker: how does it work? 

The GPS tracker takes the form of a location box that can be hidden anywhere on the bike. If, after activation, it detects your motorbike moving or leaving a certain geographical area, you receive a signal on the phone. The tracker records the movement of the motorcycle and sends you its position. The alert can be an e-mail, a text message or a phone call. The price of this motorbike GPS tracker includes a support service to answer your questions. The tracker then sends the motorbike position to the phone via the telephone network. Both methods are available via the Internet or SMS. The telephone network used is the same as for telephones, and it works with a SIM card in the tracker. Most GPS trackers work on a stand-alone network and therefore do not rely on a SIM card.

Motorbike trackers: what are the different types?

Now that you know how a motorbike tracker works, you can see the different types. - Motorbike trackers with or without a subscription You have to pay a subscription fee in order to be able to use the phone network which sends geolocation information. Some trackers include network subscriptions in their products, while others focus on their transport. Registration is not too expensive, but it does make managing the item a little more difficult. A monthly subscription is added to the price of the connected motorbike alarm. The price offer of our monthly motorbike alarm can expire at any time. - Motorbike trackers with or without a SIM card  Trackers with a SIM card use the standard telephone network, while others rely on private networks. If the latter are as effective as the more popular networks, then a SIM-free motorbike tracker can be useful. The cost of our motorbike GPS tracker is determined by its components.  - Connection purchased or not battery-dependent  Most GPS trackers are connected to the motorbike's electrical and lighting harness. Others are independent and remain only in the hollow space or elsewhere on the motorcycle. Batteries should be replaced from time to time. Otherwise, the battery trackers should be charged via USB. - Instantaneous location monitoring or at intervals  Most trackers provide an instantaneous location of the motorbike, others transmit signals at regular intervals. If the motorbike is no longer in motion, the signals will be less frequent. Some trackers have a function that follows your daily route.