Do you want to know how much you will have to pay for a motorbike? The answer can vary considerably depending on the bike, whether it's a test motorbike, a sports motorbike, a three-wheeler or a street bike. Motorbikes also differ in price depending on the make, model and year of release. You'll need to think about what condition you want it in, what type of motorbike, what time of year you're buying and whether it's new or used. In this article, we help you estimate the approximate price of a touring motorbike.

The low-end

If you are not looking for a luxury motorbike and want to buy a standard touring motorbike, or one that is really cheap, like many motorcyclists you may find a motorbike in dubious condition from private sellers ranging from 500 euros to 1500 euros. It is essential to bear in mind that you may incur repair costs that are likely to be unexpected in this case. A motorbike priced around this range will often have lower fuel economy than newer motorbikes. So, it usually costs less initially, but you may end up paying more in the long run.

For the average rider

If you're a regular rider looking for an average motorbike that has relatively low mileage (around 10,000 km or less), you'll find a price range around €3,000 to €6,000. A vehicle at this price will be approximately three to seven years old. Buying in this range can be smart, as the previous owner takes the financial hit for the initial depreciation. If you can find one in good condition, a bike with a mileage of less than 10,000 km should serve you well for a long time. 

Quality and luxury

Naturally, buying a second-hand motorbike is a different story from buying it from a dealer. However, many people think of brands such as Harley-Davidson when they think of motorbikes. The average Harley-Davidson can cost a lot more than something like a used Yamaha. New Harley-Davidsons can cost between €8,000 and €36,000, and hover in the €20,000 range on average. Buyers looking for a top-of-the-range motorbike could fork out even more with brands like Ducati. The price of a premium road bike usually starts at around 20,000 euros and up, but can go up to 65,000 euros, sometimes up to 100,000 euros with add-ons. As you can see, the brand of a motorcycle and its condition make a huge difference in price.