The motorbike is a means of locomotion that has many advantages. A motorbike gives a feeling of great freedom compared to a car. Besides it comes in a vatiety of models. Touring motorbike are vehicles designed for long journeys, but this is not the only particularity about this type of vehicle.   So how do you define a road motorbike?

Engine and handling

In general, touring motorbike are equipped with large engines. The average engine size for this type of motorbike is around 1000 cc, but it is common to find much larger engines (over 2000 cc).  It is possible to find all types of engines on road bikes: single-cylinder, V-twin, in-line 4-cylinder, flat 6-cylinder, etc. The transmission system can be chain, cardan or belt driven. In general, touring motorbike are not very nervous and the acceleration is progressive. Their mechanics are very reliable and they rarely break down. Touring motorbike are very large and heavy. They have a low centre of gravity and are easier to balance and corner.  Even at high speeds, a road motorbike remains very stable and can go for miles without a break.

Style and comfort

A touring motorbike is easily recognisable because it is so massive. As this type of motorbike is designed for long rides, it offers the possibility to carry luggage. With a large top case in the back and panniers on the sides, a touring motorbike has plenty of storage space. This motorbike has been designed to provide maximum comfort for the rider and to avoid tiring him or her on long roads. The rider does not need to arch his back to ride this motorbike, so he can maintain a comfortable position throughout the ride. The passenger seat even has a backrest for the rider to lean on. It's all these features that give touring motorbike their distinctive look.

Touring and sport motorbikes

Within the large family of road motorbikes, a distinction can be made between touring and sport motorbikes. Touring motorbikes are those that are really equipped for long journeys. They have all the necessary equipment to ensure comfort and safety during the journey (top case, backrest, visor, etc.). Sporty road bikes can also be used for long distances, but they do not have all the comfort features of the big tourers. Lighter and more responsive, they put more emphasis on the ability to reach high speeds.