Nowadays we see people calling themselves motorbike "fans". Some of them are experts for whom motorcycling mechanics and everything in relation with it is no secret. However, there are also some who are not sufficiently knowledgeable about the ranges and types of motorbikes that exist and ultimately only know their own motorbikes. One of the topics that often causes confusion is the difference between sport and supersport motorbikes. Is there a real difference or is it only a matter of different labeling for the same category?

A clarification on the so-called "sport motorbikes”

First of all, it is important to know that sport motorbikes are a separate category of motorbikes. They are used to being both powerful and beautiful. What appeals to motorbike enthusiasts is the exclusivity of a sport motorbike. The rarer it is, the more people want to own it, regardless of the price. When an enthusiast buys a motorbike, he or she wants it all to himself or herself like a wife. Eventually, manufacturers take care of details to satisfy this special type of need, and each model is said to be 'exclusive'. The satisfaction of riding a sport motorbike lies not only in the search for excitement and thrills, but also in the "jealousy" of others who do not have the same privilege. The rider feels like a "target to be shot" and he likes it!

What is the difference between a sport motorbike and a supersport motorbike?

We don't often talk about this difference because it seems worthless to some people. But this difference still exists and that's a good reason to discuss it, especially if you want people to know you are an expert. A short and simple answer would be that a super sport bike is even more sporty than a simple sport bike! And that is true. But to effectively tell them apart, you have to be a real specialist because the difference is in the details that only great enthusiasts master. You will see this difference in the placement of the footrests, for example, the suspension travel and setting, the hardness of the seat, the position of the handlebars, the number of brake discs and pistons, the diameter of the brakes, etc. You will see that a sports bike does not often have room for a passenger, or if there is one, it is small.

Consider your needs before choosing your bike

These bikes whether sporty or super-sporty are expensive. They are the epitome of speeding. Be careful to match your real needs with the bike you want to buy. Remember that people who buy motorcycles often do so because they fall in love with them at first sight, not because they are practical in their lives. Take the time to clarify your needs before buying a sport or a supersport motorbike.